Scottrade, whose website is accessed at, is one of the most successful stock brokerages, and also one of the most successful financial services providers. Founded in Scottsdale (Arizona) in the year 1980, this company has continued to flourish, up to a point where it has more than 500 branches within the USA today. The company is today headquartered at Saint Louis in Missouri, though a substantial part of its business is carried out online.


Five things you can do at

There are some five things that you can do at scottrade official website, including:

  1. Buying stocks: this you get to do through Scottrade’s powerful online stock trading platform. Starting to trade is just a question of opening an account, getting money into the account (the money you wish to invest through stocks), and starting to buy the stocks that interest you immediately.
  2. Selling stocks: this is yet another thing you get to do through Scottrade’s powerful online stock trading platform. Traditionally, selling stocks would have involved calling a broker, instructing him or her to sell the stocks for you, and then waiting for him or her to actually act on your instructions. With Scottrade’s powerful online stock trading platform, you can do all that by yourself.
  3. Checking the performance of various investment vehicles: at, you will find real-time data pertaining to the performance of various stocks and other investment vehicles. With the help of this, you can figure out which investments to continue holding onto, and which investments to offload.
  4. Accessing online banking services: the banking services in question here are offered by Scottrade Bank. This is a bank in the real sense of the word, such that having opened an account with it, you can subsequently enjoy all the ordinary banking transactions. Thanks to this service, you can also easily move money between the brokerage account and the bank account.
  5. Accessing investment education: at, you gain access to what can only be described as a very rich knowledgebase, with information on all matters to do with investment.

Making use of the services offered at

All you have to do, to make use of the services offered at, is to set up an account on the website. Once the account is set up, you need to fund it, if you are to do things like buying stocks. Funding the account shouldn’t be hard, thanks to the huge array of mechanisms availed by Scottrade, through which you can get money into your account.

Two platforms on which you can access

You can access on the ordinary/traditional computing platform – that is, either on an ordinary laptop equipped with a browser or on a desktop computer.

The second platform on which you can access is the mobile platform. Notably, you will come to learn that there is a Scottrade mobile app you can use to make use of Scottrade’s services conveniently, if you have a smart-phone.


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